Welcome to Portobello Road Cigarette Cards






This website intends to offer you the same shopping experience you can get at our stall on London’s Portobello Road.

For the past twenty years we have offered our unique and fascinating mounted sets of both original and reproduction cigarette cards and other collectors cards from our street stall on London’s most famous Saturday antique market.

Located in the heart of the area known as Notting Hill in West London, Portobello Road attracts tens of thousands of visitors from all around the world every week. On Saturday the street is alive with the sights and sounds of a truly international and cosmopolitan, vibrant London market. There’s music, a vast range of food stalls, cafés, pubs and restaurants. There’s street vendors, fashion stores and antiques stalls—a wonderful, noisy, lively, colourful mix of Saturdayness.

And now, you can shop at our on-line ‘stall’ without having to come to visit us on Portobello Road---though you will be made very welcome if you decide to—any Saturday you’ll find us there—Street Stall Number 42—outside the ‘Notting Hill’ shop at Number 142 Portobello Road.